Workplace Wellbeing

All workplaces encounter unique challenges which left unchecked can erode employee’s resources and ultimately undermine healthy workplace practices. Knowing how to respond to these challenges is key to maintaining the wellbeing and productivity of your workforce.

At Wellbeing Aotearoa, we build workforce capability from the ground up. Led by Dr Kristen Hamling, a trauma and positive psychologist, Wellbeing Aotearoa takes a tiered approach to wellbeing.

By adopting trauma-informed practices, we aim to reduce the adverse effects of stress and trauma that beset our workplaces. Helping people to heal from life’s adversities is the beginning of wellbeing. Our primary goal is to restore psychological safety and our second goal is to encourage personal growth.

Drawing on the science of positive psychology, Wellbeing Aotearoa provides people with the tools needed to strengthen their resilience and wellbeing. In doing so, we empower people to step outside their comfort zone and grow.

Although safety creates a foundation for growth, it doesn’t always create the impetus.

New Zealand industry needs a healthy workforce now more than ever. Get in touch with Wellbeing Aotearoa to see how we can help you take a trauma-informed approach to resilience and wellbeing into your workplace.