Welcome to Wellbeing Aotearoa

Please see our fees for services below. Whilst we do have set prices for most of our services, it can be challenging to put a price on all that we do. The very nature of our work means that sometimes there is no time to prepare before we are required. We welcome you to speak with us to discuss each requirement on a Price By Application (POA) basis.

Our payment terms

When we speak to you we will also let you know the terms and conditions.


From $ 180

Per hourConsultation Types:

  • Normal hours consultation
  • After-hours consultation
  • Attendance at onsite trauma incident
  • Offsite trauma-related consultation
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From $ 250

Per HourWorkshop Types:

  • Full day workshop presentation
  • Full day workshop preparation
  • ½ day workshop presentation
  • ½ day workshop preparation
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From $ 650

Per DayEngagement Types:

  • Keynote Speaker Engagement (< 30 mins)
  • Keynote Speaker Engagement (30-60 mins)
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