At Wellbeing Aotearoa, the vision is to support wellbeing from the ground up. We guide organisations and individuals on how to establish strong foundations to their wellbeing.

Wellbeing Aotearoa uses evidence-based research in neuroscience; attachment theory;  trauma-informed care and positive psychology around the framework of Te Whare Tapa Whā in our models of wellbeing. We strive to honour the principles of Partnership, Protection, and Participation in all that we do.

Some services we offer: Helping The Helpers, Trauma Services, Private Practice, Growth Mindsets, Workshops.

Dr Kristen Hamling is the person behind Wellbeing Aeoteroa. She is a professional psychologist, facilitator, coach, and researcher with a formal educational background (BSc(Hons), MAppPsych, PhD (Wellbeing)). now 46 and a psychologist for 20 years, Kristen has supported and educated thousands of people over the years on how to deal with traumatic events.  Schools, emergency service organisations and multiple corporate organisations through to diverse government agencies.

Values reflected through the concept of wai ora

Wai refers to water and ora is a feeling of being well, healed and fully alive. The concept reflects our need to have access to certain foundational resources so that we can sustain our wellbeing.

Wai ora is reflected in Wellbeing Aotearoa’s vision of achieving foundational wellbeing for all New Zealanders. Just as water is a foundational resource for life, so is safety and connection. We aim to support New Zealand in its current quest for wellbeing for all.

Stable foundations from which to grow

Wellbeing Aotearoa relies on research in trauma-informed care; neuroscience; attachment theory; and positive psychology to grow wellbeing from the ground up.

We value the Te Whare Tapa Whā approach to wellbeing and strive to honour the principles of Partnership, Protection, and Participation in our work and lives.


Clients at Wellbeing Aotearoa

We work with many clients throughout New Zealand and Australia.
See a selection of some of the businesses and organisations we have had the pleasure of working with below.